The Commonality of Craft Brewing and Software Development:
The benefits of small-batch brewing and small-batch coding

Imagine a small craft brewery that produces award-winning India Pale Ales (IPAs) and stouts. The brewery is acquired by a national brand determined to make the beer available countrywide. 

Somehow, whatever gave the beer its uniqueness in small batches cannot be replicated on a large scale, and it doesn’t taste as good as before.

It may be a matter of micromanaging small-batch brewing along the way. For example, the brewmaster may taste an interim batch and decide to make slight changes to subtly improve quality. 

By improvising instead of adhering to a recipe, a small-batch brewer responds to minute differences in the hops, malt, and barley to create a unique and delicious batch each time.

These extemporaneous beer brewing changes become more difficult in large-scale production because consumers expect consistency.

With Agile, chipping away at a big feature set in short, iterative work cycles is akin to small-batch brewing. The brew master’s quick modifications to improve quality are conceptually identical to a team changing direction after a sprint. 

Small-batch software promotes easier quality control than large-batch software because short delivery cycles enable developers to incorporate customer feedback and make small modifications.

A multi-month Waterfall software development effort is like large-batch brewing. Testing large-batch software is more difficult than small-batch testing because of the sheer size and greater number of features and the lack of small-batch checks and balances along the way. 

Small-batch software is easier to test and fix than large-batch software for two reasons:

  1. Small-batch testing goes faster because there are fewer conditions to explore. 
  2. When bugs are discovered in testing small-batch work, the code is still at the forefront of developers’ minds, making the fixes easier.

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