Discovering opportunities in the small gaps between product teams

Focused & Finite Engagements

Go-to-market focus

Driven by Customer Experience

About 10xPrinciples


Talk is cheap. 10xPrinciples engages directly to achieve results in pursuits like these:

  • Fractional CTO/CPO/CMO
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
  • Cloud Implementation / Cloud Economics
  • Marketing Collateral – Website copy, Blog posts, Social Media
  • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
  • Product Analytics
  • Community Engagement

Delivery Focused

Management Consulting focused on the mechanics of how technical companies deliver products to market.

  • Small, finite, targeted engagements
  • Use of metrics to measure success
  • Counterintuitive insights, guaranteed

Understands the Trade-Offs

Decades of experience in early to mid-stage technology companies.  Firsthand understanding of trade-offs and complicated calculus of:

  • Strategic versus tactical concerns
  • Accrual of technical debt versus late to market delivery
  • Continuous delivery versus confused customers

Emotional IQ

Enthusiastic about strategy, passionate about all aspects of product development and delivery, and fanatical about the customer experience. 

  • Deep thinking
  • Engaging and easygoing


10xPrinciples, LLC borrows from the engineers who are ten times as productive as their ordinary counterparts. 10x talent should be sought and cultivated across a company. The capability for 10x performance isn’t genetic; it can be nurtured. 10xPrinciples advises already good teams about becoming even stronger and more responsive to their customers’ needs.  

10xPrinciples Approach

Transitioning from Startup to Early Stage

Startup Phase - Single Mission, Overlap of Responsibilities

  • Startups have a common mission and direction
  • “Wear many hats” mentality – because staffing issues require employees to act where need is greatest
  • Tight cohesion – the bars of the different groups in the chart are connected

Growth Phase - Larger Teams, Larger Responsibilities

  • Expansion of teams
  • Competing priorities
  • Culture of “wearing many hats” changes by necessity to be more objective driven
  • Bars are now separated – space between groups is typically bridged by meetings, video calls, slack messaging, documentation, email 

Opportunity Zones - Gaps Between the Teams

  • Areas between the teams are “opportunity zones” –  taking advantage of opportunity between the teams differentiates excellent customer experience from disjointed customer experience

10xPrinciples Opportunities

10xPrinciples focuses on these areas of opportunity which are often discovered in gaps between teams


Alignment issues between teams affect the cohesiveness of the user experience


Retention is fostered by sound hiring, robust onboarding, thoughtful mentoring, and a learning culture


Tactical focus keeps the business afloat and is best aligned with strategic goals


Growing companies benefit by revisiting cultural change to navigate ever-growing demands


Cohesion between the teams often breaks during expansion.  If a business plan is misaligned with engineering capability and direction, the risk is customer churn and challenges to the acquisition of new customers.

Data-Driven Decision-Making


Every growing company faces myriad product, partnership, and project opportunities that far exceed capacity. Often these “what to do” questions are approached qualitatively and narrowly by those who are most persuasive. This type of “gut level” decision making may leave more important options off the table.


10xPrinciples guides companies to measure the importance and feasibility of projects relative to one another. The scoring of Key Performance Indicators represents a data-first approach to decision-making, to more easily absorb  feedback from multiple stakeholders and evaluate it quantitatively.

Objectives Alignment & Visibility


Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) have gained prominence in the tech world. Although the concept of OKRs is simple and sensible, it is difficult and time-consuming to create OKRs that are cohesive across an organization and are correctly reflected in outward-facing collateral. 


10xPrinciples assesses if a company has the bandwidth and dedication to undertake OKRs. If so, 10xPrinciples provides guidance in OKR creation across a company. If not, Objectives and Measurement are still important and 10xPrinciples recommends incremental steps in the OKR direction.


Teams grow by direct hiring or augmentation with consultants. In either case, additional employees stress preexisting processes and test inter-team communication. 

Team Expansion & Retention


Although many growing companies have processes for hiring and processes for performance reviews, they often lack one or more of these essential components:
  • Alignment of interviewing practices with corporate goals and culture
  • Recognizing unrealized potential in candidates and existing employees
  • Individualized growth plans, revisited regularly to enable employees to realize their potential


A strong HR team partners with individual departments to create intentional hiring and growth plans and execute them. 10xPrinciples facilitates these relationships and provides expertise in frameworks for hiring, onboarding, and skill development. 10xPrinciples works with companies to articulate their approaches to employee development; this is a significant differentiator to potential employees and leads to superb employee satisfaction and retention.

Team Augmentation with Consultants


It’s more the rule than the exception that tech companies have some blend of full-time employees and contract workers and are challenged by:
  • Effectively integrating contract workers with full-time workers
  • Determining work that is “core” and should not be outsourced
  • Building an architecture that supports a remote team
  • Finding the right technical and cultural match with a consulting company


10xPrinciples directs companies to find the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions  by: 
  • Determining the best outsourcing model to implement
  • Ensuring that sufficient technical management is in place to successfully oversee and ingest/evaluate the work
  • Basing recommendations on current and emerging architecture
  • Exploring security risks associated with outsourcing and helping bolster security plans. Providing compliance education/support.

Methodology Adoption


The methodology challenge for most companies is to extend Agile practices beyond the engineering team to include Product, Customer Success, Sales, and Marketing. In a growing company, it’s a delicate balance to inject just enough process to realize productivity gains without suffering from process overhead.


10xPrinciples partners with companies to educate the workforce, fit a methodology into the operations of a company, and determine the best visibility tools to use. 10xPrinciples considers the problem domain to establish the best fit among the myriad ways to implement planning and execution methodologies across a company.


During a company’s startup phase, strategy and vision provide guidance but the tactical need to bring a product to market often take precedence. Growth provides an opportunity to recalibrate and ensure that strategy underlies all tactical direction.

Product Adoption


Two critical points of customer churn risk:
  1. Customer onboarding occurs before a company’s products have become sticky. Negative initial experiences may cause them to evaporate.
  2. Established customers are at risk if they’re not getting enough value from the product to justify the expense. 

These two aspects of Product Adoption are measurable and controllable.


10xPrinciples guides growing companies to effectively utilize powerful third-party tools to detect usage patterns and measure customer sentiment. Few companies successfully employ these tools because they generate vast amounts of data that require careful evaluation and immediate action. 10xPrinciples brings its analytics expertise to gather product utilization results and alert about patterns that may result in actual churn.

Marketing with Impact


Marketing teams at most early stage companies are small by necessity with a huge potential workload. This requires judicious prioritization. Therefore, it’s essential that scarce Marketing time is spent making the greatest impact.


 10xPrinciples facilitates the following:
  • Work with Marketing teams to determine which activities are essential versus nice to have
  • Establish a framework for relative evaluation of products and features
  • Introduce Marketing teams to Agile methodologies to manage the workload

Product Simplification


Virtually every startup finds that the products that captivated early adopters are insufficient for less forward-thinking, later-stage customers. In the rush to go to market and to satisfy these first customers, startups typically create feature rich, design poor products and accrue technical debt. These less expert, second stage customers often request more streamlined, aesthetically pleasing interfaces.


10xPrinciples evaluates products against user personas and suggests changes that are both achievable and high-impact. 10xPrinciples is experienced in the the tradeoffs between, and relative merits of, building “lite” products, refreshing User Interfaces, providing field configurability, and feature hiding.


A company’s culture reflects its personality. Culture includes a variety of elements, including work environment, company mission, value, ethics, expectations, and goals. 

Separating "Busyness" from Effective Business


A common response to a “how’s it going?” inquiry is, “It’s crazy, but great. I’m going in a million directions.” Workers are bombarded by Slack channels, instant messaging, video/phone/in-person meetings, and email. Employees in these hectic environments tend to feel most alive when every minute is spoken for. By prioritizing the immediate over the long-term, the culture of a company becomes one of fire-fighting instead of strategy; this is seldom the best way for a company to behave in the long-term.


10xPrinciples guides companies to adopt a more mindful approach by focusing on isolating fires, reducing meetings, and helping employees to single-task. 10xPrinciples works with senior management to craft and implement cultural change. 10xPrinciples advocates culture trickling down from the top so that it is absorbed, accepted, and augmented by all employees.

10xPrinciples Methodology

10xPrinciples takes a four phase approach involving all key executives. 10xPrinciples‘ framework is flexible enough to accommodate company-specific concerns and agile enough to support pivoting as issues are revealed during Definition and Discovery. 10xPrinciples‘ ‘Phase 4 – Execution’ offering is unique; 10xPrinciples pitches in to execute its recommendations.

Phase 1 - Definition

The engagement begins with a problem definition phase; a one to two hour conversation with the CEO to understand the company's goals and challenges.

Phase 2 - Discovery

Interviews with key employees. The goal of each session is to understand each team's goals and challenges. The discussions are open-ended with a focus on inter-team interaction, execution, alignment of objectives.

Phase 3 - Presentation

Delivery of a report outlining recommendations for next steps accompanied by metrics. Presentation of findings to CEO, Management team, Company, or Board.

Phase 4 - Execution

The CEO may engage 10xPrinciples to assist in executing recommendations. If the engagement requires specialized skill sets, 10xPrinciples offers a broad and deep network of experts.

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